Monday, August 5, 2013

Motivation Monday - Goals for August 2013

My goals for July 2013 were:
  1. Sorting and Scanning. I'm putting aside most other goals to concentrate on sorting and scanning during July. (Goals for 2013 Organisation Goal). Achieved. I didn't make a quantitative goal for the amount of scanning and sorting I was going to do during July, but I have been happy with what I have been able to do so far. What exactly have I been scanning and sorting? Firstly, I scanned in any interesting articles from many of my old genealogy magazines (e.g. Family History Monthly, Family Tree Magazine, Practical Family History, Ancestors, Who Do You Think You Are?Australian Family Tree Connections). Some lucky person has picked up my old genealogy magazines at my local St Vincent de Paul Society Vinnies opportunity shop (and yes, I they all went within a day or two, some genie was interested. I hope they really enjoy them!).  Secondly, I have been scanning in my lecture and tutorial notes from my University courses. When I am finished I will have lots of paper to recycle and I will feel a lot less surrounded by clutter (and ultimately be able to focus better)! 
  2. Post an updated genetic genealogy journey post to this blog. (Goals for 2013 Research and Writing Goal). Achieved. During July I posted updates on my Dad's Y-DNA test, and on the Family Finder Autosomal DNA test
My goals for August 2013 are:
  1. Continue with sorting and scanning. (Goals for 2013 Organisation Goal). 
  2. Sort through the contents of my 'Dunne' folder within my 'Genealogy' Folder on my hard drive. (Goals for 2013 Organisation Goal). 
  3. Continue extracting data from at least another 20 source documents during August for my Fullerton family history writing project (a continuation of February's Family History Writing Challenge) (Goals for 2013 Writing Goal)
  4. Tag my photographs for at least one year (1992) with keywords for names, locations, events etc. Delete any duplicate photographs. (Goals for 2013 Organisation Goal). 
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  1. Super work. You put me to shame, Aillin.

  2. When you finish I think you'd best come and give me a hand Aillin!


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